I Miss Shark Week: Shark Bytes Infographic

August 9, 2010


Note: This is only a small portion of the graphic, click HERE to see the whole thing in all its toothy glory.

Well, with Discovery Channel's Shark Week over it's another 51 weeks of depression until I'm back to fantasizing about dying in the jaws of a giant shark again. I know, I should just get a DVR. Too bad that shit's like $10 extra/month. They already try to charge me $1.60/month to rent a remote! WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I MADE THEM RUN ENOUGH COAX CABLE SO I CAN SET THE BOX IN MY LAP. Who's laughing now, Time Warner?! (I think my balls are on fire)

shark week summed up in one infographic [technabob]

Thanks to Christian, who won't even go swimming in an above-ground pool now. Hey, I don't blame you.

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