I Like Turtles!: Memes, The Infographic

August 26, 2010


Note: This is a long one. Full-length graphic HERE.

Did you know meme rhymes with dream? I did not. I always thought it was pronounced yo momma! Hoho -- she's so fat she jumped and got stuck! Just kidding, I like your parents. Unless you don't like one or both of them, in which case neither do I. We're a team, remember? We stick together. Except not now because I'm going to the bathroom. No, like sit-down bathroom. Yes, if I was just peeing we could still hold hands.

A Guide To Internet Memes [onlineuniversity]

Thanks to wingding80 and Stephen, who both attended online universities and agree the education was top-notch but the keggers were always sausage parties.

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