How To Say I Love You, The Equation

August 2, 2010


I wish I'd been this clever in high school. Unfortunately for my early love life, I was not. If only I had a time machine I could go back in time and pass Leslie Labia a cute note like this instead of the one I did. God, the embarrassment. It read, "Mrs. Martin, I shat my pants again. Could you announce to the class I've been called to the principal's office? It's really starting to stink back here." What?! Oh like you could have done any better!

Nerd Love Solve for "i" [graphjam]

Thanks to Wes, who, will you go out with me? Circle one: YES YES

  • Timothy

    Why does the three stand for love ?

  • Max

    -7 needs to be /7 as -7/-7=1 (write as 1i=i) and -21/-7=3!

  • stere0id

    The equation is perfectly fine. In math it's all up to definitions. 'i' has no semantics until it is defined. Of course it is often used as a symbol for sqrt(-1) if people talk about complex numbers, but it is also used commonly for a symbol of an index, i.e. \sum_{i=1}^4 i = 1+2+3+4 = 10. If you use it in an equation and say solve for 'i', then it should be implicitly clear that 'i' is used just as an ordinary variable name in a term of some logic.

  • how can I4gat her

  • haha. you guys take it so seriously. its just a game .cmon be an open minded

  • Ells

    True dat:) Math nerds aka me lol:)

  • psychomunkey719

    this doesn't make sense... First off, saying to solve for "i" is illogical as "i" is not a variable, it's an imaginary number with a constant value of root(-1)... Which makes the entire inequality a mathematical impossibility... You can't have an inequality with imaginary numbers... It just doesn't make sense...

  • A Concerned Mathematician

    If you square the equation, then i<3u becomes -1<9u^2, which is always a true statement, as the lowest possible value of u^2 = 0, and -1 < 0. Therefore, this equality is true.

  • aymane bendehmane

    you re right dude we can t put an inegality with complex numbers

  • Jynxed

    Actually, you can have inequalities with complex numbers, however there is no one universal method of solving for inequalities. i and other complex numbers in equalities are not like dividing by zero.

  • Henry Melchior

    So, just saying, i is not the same the symbol for square root of -1. My keyboard can't even type that symbol. Although similar, i is simply a variable. You want proof that the two are different, do my college algebra homework for me.

  • tanman

    sounds like the only one you love is your right hand..

  • Oscar

    wrong, you can represent any number with any letter. You can replace x with a, b, c, etc. There is no specific letter used to replace a number.... While i can be square -1, in this case, it represents just a number...

  • aymane bendehmane

    no you can t compare two complex numbers the guy is right

  • were not solving simply simplifying my friend

  • logan_martell

    you're thinking too hard

  • marc ugly

    yes it does dumbass

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