Confessing Your Love With A Tetris Simile

August 6, 2010


This is a love note some girl wrote a boy confessing her feelings for him through the use of a literary device known as the Tetris simile. I was about to tear her apart for claiming that's about to be a Tetris in the picture when there are clearly pieces missing, but then I realized she just used super-hard-to-see pink marker. Terrible color choice aside, I happen to have an exclusive on the boy's reply. *clearing throat* It reads:

You know the feeling you get right before you bang some random prosty in Grand Theft Auto?

Yea, I don't wanna give that up.

SNAP! Better luck next time you block droppin', unrequited love-bird!

Love Note WIN [failblog]

Thanks to martin, Shenanigans, and ponchovilla, who, you know that feeling you get when you sit down to pee and your wiener touches the inside of the bowl? That's how you make me feel.

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