Honey? Honey What Are You Doing In There?!: Sex Toys, The Infographic

August 13, 2010


Note: This is hardly any of the graphic, possibly NSFW (cartoony dildos and naked lady) full version HERE.

Did you know Alaska buys more sex toys per capita than any other state? Or that Mississippi buys more anal sex toys per capita? I did. But I did not know the world's largest retail-y available dildo is the 'Great American Challenge', at 14.5" long and 8.75" around. My God, you could drive a truck through that vagina! And not an F-150 either, I'm talking something with at least six wheels. Plus mud-flaps. Towing a mobile home.

Sex Toys - America's Dirty Little Secret [theirtoys]

Thanks to Brittany, who made the graphic and knows more about sex toys than the clerk at The Pleasure Chest.

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