Good Enough To Lick: A Marvel Pedicure

August 4, 2010


Note: Full-res shot HERE.

I love toes. Like, I have a toe fetish. Feet are f***ing disgusting, but some sexy-ass painted toenails? Mmmm mmmm MMMM! One time I even licked my girlfriend's toes so feverishly all her nails grew ingrown. True story. No, not it's not either. But I did nibble on a bunion once. Okay, now I'm even disgusting myself. Flossing with toe-knuckle hair till my gums bleed aside, this is some chick's Marvel-themed pedicure job. Each toe represents a different Marvel character like Samus Aran and Solid Snake except not them because I think those are DC characters. What? NO THEY DIDN'T CHECK MY GEEK CREDENTIALS.

My MARVELous toes [reddit]

Thanks to lil co., who has the only toes I'd consider licking. And I'm talking about in the cracks and everything. Your toejam: I want it! Whoa whoa whoa -- nobody called you, Earl.

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