Give It To Me Straight, How Many To Keep The Doctor Away?: Apple, By The Numbers

August 25, 2010


Note: This is only a small, unreadable portion of the infographic, click HERE to see the whole thing in stunning 3-D. Fine, FINE -- 2-D.

This is an infographic all about Apple. I thought it was pretty interesting. And by pretty interesting I mean I would have been just as excited if it were about the fruit. Mmmm, love those things with a little peanut butter. Pears too! Anyway, I didn't even have to look at the financials (and I probably never will) to know I want a piece of that. A piece of that pie. That Apple pie. See what I did there? "Shamed yourself?" Exactly.

Apple By Numbers [techi]

Thanks to Brettmucker, who knows four apples a day will not only keep the doctor away, they'll help attract horses.

  • umm, the infographic says the iphone 3gs had 3Ghz no expert, but not even the new crappy iPhone 4s has a processor bigger than 2ghz, let alone 3....p.s. Windows Phone for the win

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