GAH, SO MAD: Woman Puts Kitty In Trashcan

August 24, 2010


This is closed circuit security footage of some evil-ass witch petting a kitten named Lola on the sidewalk before dropping the cat in a trashcan and scurrying off like the piece of shit that she is. Allegedly Lola (who's back home safe) spent 16 hours in the bin before being found by her owners, who then reviewed the security footage and discovered what happened. On the up side, the woman responsible has been identified and, hopefully soon, tortured and killed.

The grey-haired suspect was tracked down after she was caught on CCTV by the cat's owners, Daryll and Stephanie Mann, at their Coventry home.

Sky's Lisa Dowd said the woman was offered police protection because of the "level of vitriol against her".

She said residents in Coventry were extremely angry, and death threats had been made against the woman on the internet.

"West Midlands Police are taking her safety extremely seriously," she said.

You dun goofed, lady. Consequences will never be the same. Now I hate to always show off my future-predicting skills, but my guess is you're gonna have to move. Like, from underneath a car. Get it? I can see you in my rearview.

Hit the jump for the disturbing video.

Woman Who Put Cat In Bin Is Identified [sky]

Thanks to Kebabyuchenko, who agrees there's only one punishment suitable for the crime: going over Niagara Falls in a recycling bin.

  • Animals12

    This makes my blood run cold! Couldn't the fat cow take the kitten and drop her off to a shelter instead of treating it like it was garbage?? This says something about this woman's lack of having any compassion for anything 4 legged. I hope this kitten found a new home.

  • POO

    It didnt.

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