'Eff Me, Ray Bradbury', The Song/Music Video

August 17, 2010


Note: NSFW video is after the jump (because she actually says the f-word).

This is a song and music video entitled, 'F*** Me, Ray Bradbury' by Rachel Bloom. It's about some chick who wants to get boned by Ray Bradbury. That alone being enough to make my wiener limp until the end of time, it's actually kind of catchy. Plus there's a Britney Spears-ish 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' scene. Not that it did anything for me sexually, because it didn't. Unless making me want to Fahrenheit 451 my penis until it's a charred hotdog counts, which it doesn't because 1) penises require prolonged exposure to temperatures in excess of 1,400 degrees to catch fire and 2) I'm not really into pyrotechnics in the bedroom. Psyche! (Light the bottle rockets as soon as I start climbing the headboard)

Hit it for the sci-fi song and dance.

F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Brohan, who wouldn't even have sex with Stephanie Myers with a vampire's twinkly penis.

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