Caught On Tape: Gamers Successfully Fight Off Would-Be Robbers From Gaming Cafe

August 2, 2010


Seen here putting everything they've learned from Tekken to good use, a group of gamers fought off a couple masked robbers from PC Gamerz gaming cafe in Kaneohe, Hawaii over the weekend. And thankfully for us, the whole altercation was caught on tape. Geek fight! Best quote from the news report:

We're gamers, you know? We've been immersed in that culture where, like, we all want to be Superman, you know? We're missin' something partial in our brain that says, "yeah, this might be dangerous."

As a man who just recently played through the entire God of War series, I have to admit: I did feel pretty god-like at times. That said, if ever approached by a masked robber I WILL defecate and pass out.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile news report.


Thanks to Zigeal and giant enemy crab, who would have beat them with their keyboards until you could read the alphabet on their faces.

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