But Are They Officially Licensed (And Not Just For Novelty Use)?: Street Fighter Condoms

August 2, 2010


This is a box of Streetfighter condoms. Except there's no way they're actually a licensed product and not just a bunch of worn ankle socks in a box. Regardless, this guy uses them exclusively.

Fresh from an Asian country that has no respect for intellectual property laws (since I can't imagine this is an official Capcom product) is this incredible Street Fighter condom that shows Ryu banging the crap out of Chun Li below an assortment of random flags. Many of these flags are from countries that have no characters in Street Fighter

I didn't post the uncensored picture because it made me lightheaded and pass out, but you can hit the link to see the very, VERY NSFW shot if you want. Me? I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing it again provided I'm going to be struck by lightning in the next hour five minutes.

GONNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE (with a Street Fighter condom) [destructoid]

Thanks to gizmoduck, who's holding out for Pokemon diaphragms.

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