Ah, The Memories: Oregon Trail, The Movie

August 3, 2010


This is a well-made faux trailer for Oregon Trail, the movie. For those of you that don't know, Oregon Trail was an awesome educational computer game made back in the mid-70's with graphics that rival Crysis and a storyline that could make Final Fantasies VII and X take turns(!) tugging each other's peripherals. That said, if anybody does end up making a full-length Oregon Trail and you're actually thinking about seeing it, I'll go ahead and save you $10. Everyone dies of dysentery. Hoho -- bet you didn't see that one coming! *UPPERCUT* Haha, or that one. I'm gonna wear your teeth on a charm bracelet!

Click any one of these words to watch the movie over at IWatchstuff.

Thanks to Martin, who regularly sends me tips from Iwatchstuff because he thinks I'm special needs. Thanks Martin, I am is the thing. And to BigRye, who tried fording the river when he knew he shouldn't.

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