Bring. It. Back! Bring. It. Back!: Toaster Bacon

August 24, 2010


Bacon that cooks in a toaster: genius. Bacon that cooks in a trashcan: gross. But all in all still a pretty good idea.

Reddi-Bacon (1964) was precooked and there was very little extra fat involved when the foil packets were heated. However, there was occasional slight leaking from torn or damaged foil packages, and that undoubtably caused some smoking and ruined toasters. The problems with the packaging was vexing enough to the company that Reddi-Bacon never really made it out of test markets before the product was pulled from the market.

Wait a minute -- if it's already precooked you don't even have to toast it. Just tear open the foil and dig in! You know, maybe the world wasn't "reddi" for toaster bacon in 1964, but we sure are now! Also, flying cars and a real Jurassic Park.

Strange Products from the Past [davescupboard]

Thanks to Shenanigans and MalfunctionX, who both question why this isn't still around. Two words, guys: Pop-Tart conspiracy.

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