Blocky: Minimalist Street Fighter II Characters

August 13, 2010


These are all the original Street Fighter II characters as minimalized by artist Ashley Browning (Flickr user infinitecontinues). As you can see, they look like colored DNA strands. No? Alien shit stains? Whatever the case, there's a set of Mortal Kombat characters after the jump, along with another link to Ashley's Flickr containing a ton of other minimalist video game characters in different styles. So yeah, go check them out. But you better put that little bar down between your stuff and my stuff because I'm not paying for your store-brand hot dogs again.

Round 1 -- Fight!


infinitecontinues' Flickr
Minimalist Street Fighter 2 Art [walyou]

Thanks to JustGil, who just invented maximalism and is gonna take the art world by storm. Or at gunpoint.

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