Bioshock Infinite: Now With More Cloud City

August 13, 2010


Note: Trailer is after the jump so it doesn't float away like a helium-filled prophylactic.

Bioshock, a game best known for my brother and I having to play in the middle of the day with all the lights on, is coming back for a third installment, and not to Rapture either. No, this time it's taking to the skies. Specifically, a floating cloud city called Columbia. Watch out -- Lando's gonna betray you!

It's not Rapture, it's Columbia. It's not underwater, it's tied to Zeppelins and floating around the world, thousands of feet in the air. It's not a secret, delapidated cool kid's club, it's a spectacle of American achievement with the same agenda as the moon landings. And you're not a Nameless Nelly, you're ex-private detective Booker DeWitt.

You've been sent into this rogue 1900s Death Star to retrieve a woman called Elizabeth. She's at the centre of some sort of conflict, she has magical powers that give her nosebleeds, and you'll need to work together to survive and escape.

Sounds promising. Granted not as promising as a promise ring, but we're not exactly going steady, now are we? We aren't. Especially not since I saw little Suzy Spreadlegs wearing your letter jacket. You dirty man-whore, I just poured salt in your gas tank! Huh? You're right, that wasn't kosher. Zing!

Hit the jump for the trailer.

Bioshock Infinite info, screens and trailer [pcgamer]

Thanks to Jack Daniels, who, dude! -- we should totally be personal friends.

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