Are Those CPU's In Your Bed Or Are You Just Happy Your Robotic Love Doll Exploded?

August 24, 2010


This is some Russian man's giant CPU collection laid out on the bed he pretends to have sex in. Great job, guy. I collect baby teeth bottle caps!

Largest private collection of CPUs has been discovered upon one Russian guy has posted a message on a forum. His message says "here is my humble collection for you" and then listed something more than one thousand of different types of computer processors he collected. There are ones from the old times and as well as modern ones, the lost and seemed never coming back relics of Soviet Russian genuine processors that preceded Intel world dominance and many other interesting findings he had.

Damn, that's one tough looking geek. I love his pose, it's like he's whispering, "Which one of you ladies can I make queen of my central processing kingdom? Any takers? I don't know if you saw, but I also have a canister vac."

Hit the jump for several more shots of the "in Soviet Russia, C processes U".*swish*




"Humble" CPUs Collection of a Russian Geek [englishrussia]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who collects collections. Okay now you're just making my head spin.

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