Anger Management, You Seriously Need Some: Guy's Team Fortress 2 F-Bomb Tirade

August 17, 2010


Note: NSFW NSFW NSFW (language) videos are after the jump.

This is a video of a guy playing Team Fortress 2 that's so full of rage I'm honestly surprised he didn't puke and pass out. He manages to drop the f-bomb over 200 times in the span of 10-minutes, making him by far the most poignant speaker I've ever heard in my life (suck it, commencement speech hack!). But it's not all f-bombs -- oh no -- this guy spits some serious knowledge as well. I'm talking life-lessons like "UBERCHAAAAARGE!", "UNLIMITED POWERRRRR!" and "THIS ISN'T STRAWBERRY! IT'S RAAAWBERRY!" If those words of wisdom don't change your life you might already be dead. Tell my cats I miss them.

Hit the jump for three videos (one from his perspective, two from the medic that was keeping his health up).

Team Fortress 2 Video: Meet The F-Bomber [kotaku]

Thanks to Mark, who only yells sweet things like, "APPLE PIE COOLING IN THE WINDOW!" and "TEA-TIME!" while online gaming.

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