A Voice? Where We're Going You Don't Need A Voice: Texting, The Informational Graphic

August 17, 2010


Note: This is only only a small portion of the chart, you're gonna need to hit the jump to see it in all it's button-mashing glory.

Texting: everybody does it. Some more than others *ahem, little girls!* but everybody does it. Somebody who tells you they've never texted before is either a pathological liar or too old to be driving. But that's not what I came here to talk about. What I came to talk about is sexting. Now let's say somebody accidentally took a picture of himself with a face drawn on his crotch (using his penis for the nose) and accidentally sent it to everybody in his phonebook. Is there a way to like, unsend that? I'm asking for a friend.

Hit the jump for the whole graphic.


The Rise of Text Messaging
The Kids Are Texting a Frightening Amount [gizmodo]

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