A Chest For All My Lasers, Rockets & Aliens

August 18, 2010


This used Lasers, Rockets and Aliens chest was recently for sale on eBay. Unfortunately, I was unable to bid on it before the auction ended because I went out and got sloppy was stuck in an important business meeting. A multi-million dollar one. Seriously, one guy even showed up in a helicopter. Me? I showed up in my mom's station wagon and backed into a Jaguar in the parking garage. Leaving that spot and parking on another floor aside, what kind of Lasers, Rockets & Aliens chest doesn't have a damn lock on it? You want your kids lasering their little eyeballs out then rocketing through a bedroom wall? You don't. And what if an alien gets loose in the house? You know that little bastard's gonna make a bee-line for your snack cabinet and eat all the pudding. Not cool, Xazzle!

One more shot after the jump.


eBay Auction

Thanks to roikles, who just keeps his lasers, rockets & aliens in the back of his underwear drawer like a poor person.

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