Pew Pew Pew Pew!: 15,000 Firework Rounds

August 3, 2010


What do you get when you take 500 30-shot fireworks and set them all off at the same time? Haha, besides an opportunity to call 911? Yes -- this video. It takes a little while to get going, but when it does, oh boy, when it does. Almost makes me want to tape a bunch to the hood of my car like a tank and see if I can't get my neighbor to surrender his pool to me for the rest of the summer. *yelling through megaphone* THIS AIN'T SOME THREE LITTLE PIGS FAIRY TALE, MR. JENKINS -- I CAN AND WILL BLOW YOUR SHIT DOWN. YOU HEAR ME?! You have one minute to hoist a pair of water wings as a sign of surrender. Also, I hope it doesn't sway your decision but I am going to have sex in the shallow end.

Hit the jump for the pyrotechnics in action.

Shooting 15,000 Fireworks at Once Looks Exactly How I Imagined It [gizmodo]

Thanks to Alec, who once tried launching bottle rockets from between his moobs and ended up setting his happy trail on fire. Smooth.

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