10-Foot Gundam Made Entirely Out Of Those Little Plastic Model Piece Hanger Thingies

August 31, 2010


Lookin' good, Gundam. Especially considering you were made entirely out of trash. Haha, your parents lied to you! Now kill them.

It took over 250 man-hours to build the RG (Recycle Grade) RX-78-2 Gundam, which measures in at nearly 10-feet tall. Of course, it was built almost entirely from the spare plastic runners and part trees from smaller Gundam model kits.

I can't stand those little plastic hangers. And not just because it requires an X-acto knife to carefully extract the pieces you need, but it does and I've stabbed myself in the crotch more than once. "Uh, GW -- maybe you shouldn't hold the pieces in your lap while you're cutting". OH SURE, EVERYONE'S A MODEL MASTER NOW.

Hit the jump for three more shots of the impressiveness.




10-foot gundam made from leftover model part trees [technabob]

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