08.09.10 -- Happy Sequential Day!

August 9, 2010


Today is 08.09.10, making it Sequential Day 2010. Honestly, I didn't even know Sequential Day existed until now which is surprising because I'm always looking for an excuse to party my panties off. Kidding, my panties are always off. Anyway, if you choose to subscribe to that other day-first, month-second style of dating you get nothing today. Not even a lunch break, so don't even think about leaving your desk. Bathroom breaks are out too. And, since there can be only one Sequential Day a year, there will be no celebrating September 8th. So yeah, way to go. To misquote the last knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade after Donovan's dumbass drinks from the wrong cup: "You chose poorly". *insert you shriveling up and turning to dust here*

Happy Sequential Day [thisisnthappiness]

Thanks to Desktop Icon, who may or may not be disguised as a recycling bin this very second.

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