You Know Money Still Doesn't Buy Class, Right?: Ridiculous $20K Diamond iPhone 4

July 6, 2010


You'd think a company selling a $20K diamond-encrusted iPhone would be able to come up with a better looking picture. But what do I know? I'm just a man with limited Photoshop skills who's selling Bedazzled iPhones to stupid rich people. These phones are the shit, that's what!

Jeweler/gadget-monger Stuart Hughes is selling diamond-encrusted iPhone 4 devices for $20,000 -- but order quickly, as only 50 of these devices will be made.

These gaudy gadgets come unlocked "for worldwide use" and absolutely sparkling with 6.5 carats of VVS quality, F-color diamonds and a complimentary carrying case made of ostrich foot. The back of the device features a solid platinum and diamond version of the Apple logo.

Ostrich foot -- WTF?! Do the ostriches have to run on stumps until they grow back? What do you mean, "they're not f***ing starfish, GW"? WHAT AREN'T YOU TELLING ME?!

Get a Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 4 for Just $20,000 [mashable]

Thanks to Shenanigans, who -- I couldn't have said it better myself.

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