Yes: Chewbacca On A Squirrel Fighting Nazis

July 29, 2010


In this wild world of ours everything can be divided into one of three categories: things that don't make sense, things that do make sense, and shit that's magic. And this is one of those magical joints: Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis with his iconic Bowcaster (full-size version HERE). It was created by deviantARTist gamefan84 per a request and if I were Chewy I'd be busy pinning Nazi heads together with Bowcaster bolts and not bucking my mount and moaning like I just won a carnival prize. Cause as it stands it looks like he's about to lose his mount and get stick-grenaded in the face. Han will never want to pet you again!

gamefan84's DeviantART
Chewbacca On A Squirrel Fighting Nazis [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, Blaqk Panda, HeischenStien and wes g, who all would have shot first and don't care who knows it.

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