Wife Has Custom USB Wedding Ring Made For Microsoft Game Developing Husband

July 16, 2010


Microsoft Game Studios Software Development Engineer Ray Arifianto's soon-to-be wife had this custom USB wedding band made for him. Why? Because flash memory is the language of looooove. Psyche, it's actually COBOL C++.

The gold ring isn't actually a functional USB drive, but its design is reminiscent of one. The interior is engraved with the words, "For a lifetime of memories," an allusion to the USB's storage capabilities. Aww!

Shouldn't it actually go on the thumb? Get it?! You know it's a really beautiful thing when two people decide to share their lives together. Unfortunately, there's something about me that sends all my relationships packing. BUT I THOUGHT WE SHARED SOMETHING SPECIAL! And I'm not just talking about clothes.

Woman Gives USB Wedding Ring to Her Geeky Fiancé [mashable]

Thanks to Shenanigans, Blaqk Panda and Alex, who are all getting their significant others Firewire rings because they're f***ing classy dudes.

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