Why Won't It Open?!: Hinged Packing Tape

July 23, 2010


Want to scar your children for life? Tell them you you have to sell one of them to buy a boat. Oooor 1) take a cardboard box and write 'TOYS!' real big on the side with puffy paint and 2) seal it up real good using hinged packing tape. 3) Tell the little tykes everything inside is theirs if they can just open the box in less than a minute and 4) sit back and laugh your demented ass off as they keep trying to open the wrong sides. 5) Watch the horror grow on their little faces as time slips away until 6) you call 'TIME!' and tell them you'll just have to give their ponies/rocket-packs to the kid down the street, at which time you will be eligible to 7) just pay postage and handling for your 'Parent of the Year' award. Congratulations -- you earned it!

Terrific Sticky Tape of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Doug, who still believes in parenting the old fashioned way: hiring a nanny.

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