When A Helmet's Not Enough: A Tinfoil Room

July 15, 2010


How paranoid are you about aliens controlling your brain? If you answered, "VERY", it's too late, they already are and just made you think that so you'd still feel in control. I'd check my butt for antennas if I were you.

This guy decided that more tin foil the better. He couldn't probably convince his wife in the necessity of the protection layer everywhere so he grabbed his couch, his desktop pc and a few giant rolls of tin foil and moved to his garage, where before they stored some food supplies - you still can see that passage down the floor.

Wait -- is that a window in the background? What the hell's the matter with you man?! YOU THINK ALIENS CAN'T CONTROL MINDS THROUGH WINDOWS? If that were the case we wouldn't need foil, just glass! And why the f*** did you wrap the coffee can? To use a Three Little Pigs metaphor, you're like the one who built his house out of retarded.

Hit the jump for four more pictures of Captain Crazy's man-cave.





Tin Foil Hut [englishrussia]

Thanks to rox, who covered her entire house in Saran-Wrap, which didn't do anything but create a fire hazard.

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