What Better Way To Teach Your Children...

July 2, 2010


About sex than a dino orgy? There aren't any. Are you getting this, the birds and bees?! Your shit doesn't even make sense! I've NEVER seen a bird and bee do it. The closest I've come is one wasp making sweet, stingy love to another, much deader wasp in the window sill. And one may have actually been a hornet!

Hit the jump for more dino-on-dino action (this time in a conga line!).


Things That Are Doing It: Toy Packaging Fail [failblog]
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Thanks to Kimberly, harry, Chewy, DatsMark, Chryos, margaret and MaxMouseDLL, who know how to get a 4th of July holiday weekend kicked off right! Wait -- with my pants around my ankles?

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