We're So Screwed: Quadricopters Now Capable Of Picking Up, Carrying Bodies

July 13, 2010


Sure it may look like a couple boards nailed together into a T, but just imagine if it were a human body. Pretty creepy huh? What do you mean you're having trouble imagining it's a body? I swear, you have no imagination. You having lost your childlike innocence forever and never being able to get it back aside, the quadricopters are back and ready to work together to pick things up and carrying them around. And I'm not talking bags of dogshit either, but I always do pick up after my dog and you should too. Because you don't want me having to pick up after your dog. I'll smear that shit all over your car door handles. You think I'm kidding?! Ask the a-hole in apartment 213 if I'm kidding. I guarantee you'll be able to smell his hands.

Hit it for the frightening 2-minute video.


Thanks to Zombiepartz, who, say -- you haven't come across any good sized wieners have you? Anything bigger than a pinky really.

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