Wait -- Is It Halloween Already?: Car Full Of Zombies Crashes, Freaks Out Witnesses

July 12, 2010


A car full of people dressed as zombies crashed Friday night on Interstate 84 in downtown Portland, Oregon, much to the, "HOLY SHIT, THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!" of witnesses.

Sgt. Greg Stewart said people who witnessed the crash initially thought the victims' injuries were much more serious, because of the zombie costumes.

"We're glad that everyone is alive, despite being 'undead'," Sgt. Stewart said, referring to the costumes.

While everyone in the car was taken to the hospital, Stewart said crews are investigating the possibility that more people were in the car at the time of the crash but fled the scene on foot.

Of course they did. Of course a car full of zombies crashed and several of the undead fled on foot. I mean, it only makes sense. I'm just thankful it wasn't a car full of clowns. Now THAT would have been a grisly scene. Get it? Because there's forty clowns but only five seat belts!

"Zombies" crash on I-84 near Lloyd exit [msnbc]

Thanks to Liz, who wouldn't hesitate to plow through a group of zombies running around in the middle of the highway.

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