Waffles. On Sticks: The Wafflesicle Machine

July 1, 2010


Let's not kid ourselves, we all know the best foods come on sticks. Case in point: bacon, corn dogs, chocolate covered bananas and popsicles. AND NOW WAFFLES! Possibly made by the Blush Company to compliment the Corn Baller, the Lolly Waffle Maker can cook four 9-inch wafflesicles every two minutes. Which, if I learned anything about solving word problems in math class, is well over 14 waffles an hour. Breakfast will never be the same again. And not just because you're gonna be wearing butter and syrup on your shirt more often. No, eventually you'll start experimenting with waffles in the bedroom and next thing you know -- GAAAAHH!! -- you've poked your partner's eyes out with a wafflesicle stick. Safety goggles. That's the real lesson here.

The Wafflesicle Maker Has Changed Breakfast Forever [gizmodo]

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