Vading Don't Pay Like It Used To: Masked & Caped Darth Vader Robs Long Island Bank

July 23, 2010


Following a string of Galactic lay-offs, Darth Vader was spotted robbing a bank on Long Island yesterday. But, instead of Force-chokes and a lightsaber, the Vade was rocking a pistol. Not kosher, Darth.

A customer started to battle Vader inside the bank.

Det. Sgt. William Lamb of the Suffolk County Police Department says, "They got into a bit of a physical altercation. No one was hurt."

The Darth Vader thief, described as between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches tall, then took off running. In addition to the mask and cape, he was also wearing camouflage pants.

He headed east through the bank's parking lot and then jumped on a bicycle and took off.

Witnesses say his cape was waving behind him as he ran.

A witness said, "I thought it was just a joke but I guess he was serious."

Police have not said if Luke Skywalker has offered to help track "Vader" down.

ROFL @ Luke Skywalker helping. That's some journalistic integrity after my own heart right there. Also, who else knew Vader rode a bicycle? Because I heard he got his license revoked after crashing a speeder bike into a group of Ewoks while all f***ed up on glitterstim. Two words: Celebrity. Rehab.

Crappy news report after the jump.

'Darth Vader' Robs Bank on Long Island [myfoxny]

Thanks to Anthony, Ben, Steven, Jordan, Masami, Galice, Apoorv, VCobra, Matty511, Christoph, Chuck Nunchuck,Lulu and Zaphod Beeblebrox, who would have lightsabered both his arms off and tossed him in the Bantha pit.

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