Unstoppable!: Avatar Tattoo Guy Gets #5

July 20, 2010


Note: Click HERE for a super high-res shot that killed my soul a little to see so big.

Remember Avatar Tattoo Guy? I know -- how could anybody forget that back? Well he's returned with tattoo #5 which, SPOILER ALERT: is another crappy Neytiri just like the other four. Good lookin', guy. And by good lookin' I mean I'd hold off on #6 until I got those moles looked at by a professional. Plus shaved that tuft of butthair. Jesus, you could almost sync with that thing.

Hit the jump for a close-up.


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Thanks to Steve, who considered getting the whole cast of Inception on his back but then sobered up and swore he'd never drink again. Whoa whoa whoa -- no need to go off the deep end.

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