Uh-Oh: IP Addresses To Run Out Next Year

July 27, 2010


As a matter of fact yes, that is a picture of the GW command center. I can make calls, fax, print, copy, collate AND write Geekologie all from the comfort of my plush shitter. Did I mention I can relieve myself? Because I can do that too. I just have to be careful my unit isn't caught between the seat and rim because one time it was and I peed all over the floor. Don't hate the playa hate the smell! IP addresses are supposed to run out next year.

The internet protocol used by the majority of web users, IPv4, provides for about four billion IP addresses -- the unique 32-digit number used to identify each computer, website or internet-connected device.

There are currently only 232 million IP addresses left -- enough for about 340 days -- thanks to the explosion in smartphones and other web-enabled devices.

The solution to the problem is IPv6, which uses a 128-digit address. It would give everyone in the world more than four billion addresses each, but most of the internet industry has so far been reluctant to introduce it.

It would require each device that connects to the internet to be reconfigured or upgraded, with some users even being forced to buy new hardware, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Sure we could do that. Or you could take my advice and, instead of issuing more IP addresses, start issuing PO boxes. BOOM -- WHO'S THE INTERNET GENIUS NOW, MR. GORE?!

World Will Run Out of Internet Addresses in Less Than a Year, Experts Predict [foxnews]

Thanks to Charles, who doesn't care so much about IP addresses as he does physical addresses. He's a mailman!

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