This: What It Looks Like When You Cut Open 32 Glowsticks And Flush Them Down A Toilet

July 30, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because this isn't a f***ing rave (unless you have some rolls, in which case let me grab my pacifier and turn on Winamp's visualizer).

This is a video of several college freshman emptying 32 glowsticks into the back of a dorm toilet and then flushing it. Normally I'd make fun of them, but it's actually pretty awesome. Granted not as awesome as if they'd flushed a handful of M80's simultaneously, but we are dealing with a bunch of virgins who would rather flush glowsticks down the shitter on a Friday night than chase the ladies. Hoho -- looks like I did it anyways! Now back to your rooms before I call the RA.

Hit it for the very worthwhile video (also great on mute).

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