This Ain't A Free Peep Show!: Flying Pasties Keep Privates Private From Airport Security

July 22, 2010


Note: I censor-barred the image (in case you couldn't tell) but you can hit the jump for a NSFW version of what the pasties actually look like if you want. Just don't come crying to me if your mom catches you and you end up grounded from the internet.

Flying Pasties are 2-3mm thick rubber pasties that prevent the new airport security scanners from getting a good look at your tomatoes. Or your lettuce wrap . Sets start at $17 and come with catchy slogans (that airport personnel won't be able to read so what's the point?) like, "private" and "only my boyfriend sees me naked." Did I mention they also sell a junk-covering male version for $10? Because they do. Alternatively, you can use the same product I do. It's called not giving a shit. Available everywhere.

Hit the jump for the uncensored picture and a link to the product site.


Official Site

Thanks to Lit, who noted JUST wearing the pasties would really expedite the security screening process.

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