The Pug Who Barked 'Batman': Stop Crying Wolf Or He Won't Come When We Need Him!

July 19, 2010


This is a video of a dog who can bark "Batman". Or maybe it's "Brittany". Whatever the case, he sounds like a pig dying and probably breathes loud enough to keep you up at night.

This is Teddy Almond Turtle, my mama's Pug Dog. Ted enjoys baked beans, red capsicum, apples and Bat Man. waaahhhh

Teddy Almond Turtle, really? HE IS NEITHER BEAR NOR NUT NOR TEENAGE MUTANT. You'd think being born with a face a mother didn't hesitate to turn her back on would be disadvantage enough, but nooooooo. Wait -- did that say he likes beans, capsicum and apples? God, can you even imagine what that dog's ass smells like? I can't but Chloe's licking her lips about it!

Hit it for the video.

Pug Yells Batman [buzzfeed]

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