The Bat Signal's Broken -- What'll We Do?!

July 14, 2010


Probably not this. Actually, I take that back. We probably would end up doing this because some nimrod in the bureaucratic system with no concept of how to call Batman in the first place (and thinks he's just a grown-up Bat Boy) would be in charge of signaling the caped crusader. This is what he'd come up with. So basically the Joker will take over Gotham and we'll all spend the rest of our short lives being terrorized by a f***ing clown with a knife fetish. And that is why you should vote for me, The Geekologie Writer, for 2011 Junior Class Treasurer. Thank you for your time, my opponent eats her own boogers. *radio crackle* Joey -- set off the stink bombs.

Bat(man) on Fire by Mina Mikhael and Matthew Barhoma [flickr]
Bat(man) On Fire [gizmodo]

Thanks to I Like Dog Treats and Ryan, who are both convinced the best way to get Batman's attention is sonar. You, uh, do know he's not an actual bat, right?

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