Hoversharks: Fill The Oceans With Concrete!

July 7, 2010


Between the oil spills and hoversharks, I propose we go ahead fill the oceans with concrete. Not only will we never have to worry about tsunamis, but -- OMG, I JUST SOLVED THE OVERCROWDING PROBLEM! There, uh, was a population overcrowding problem, right? Who cares, I'm walking to China!

Hovershark [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Christopher, who I'm pretending is Mr. Walken to boost my self-esteem. Loved you in King of New York!

  • Jayden Eden

    I hope to find a shark in the ocean like that one day! That would certainly an interesting print. https://www.abbottscp.com/p... The thing is that we need water on our planet to survive though. If we filled the ocean with concrete that would be insane!

  • Sam Esh

    That shark picture is one of my favorite pictures ever! I never knew that sharks could jump like that. I want to see one do this now. http://www.metalfab.com

  • Jason Knight

    That is awesome, I haven't heard an idea like that since talking about starting a zombie apocalypse.


  • Sampson Greenovich

    This is the best idea I have heard since we talked about reconstructing the death to orbit the earth. I don't know how much propane would be necessary to accomplish something like this but I can't imagine it is a small amount.


  • Nancy Jorden

    Do you know where I would be able to find an awning in Portland Oregon? I have been looking for something for my dad.

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