That Sounds Safe: Water Resistant Power Strip

July 8, 2010


We've all been there: you need to plug in the microwave to cook a Hot Pocket but you're in the bathtub getting all prune-y. What do you do? Go ahead and plug that shit in thanks to the $35 Wet Circuit water resistant power strip! (And toss a Kid Cuisine in for me while you're at it)

It's patented design ensures that electricity will be conducted only when a "proper plug is 100% inserted into the outlet." The outlets are coated with a "special protective material", making them water resistant, although the company admits that if the power strip is submerged for more than 2 hours then its circuits will be wet.

I dunno, I'm still skeptical. And the last thing I need is my bathroom microwave shorting out when I still have a minute-and-a-half left on the popcorn. YOU'RE NOT GYPPING ME OUT OF ANY UNPOPPED KERNELS!

wet circuits: the safest power strip, as seen on youtube! [technabob]

Thanks to Kirstie, who turned a year older today. Here, we all chipped in and got you a cake. Huh? No I didn't replace the candles with fireworks! Yes, yes I did too -- BETTER START BLOWIN'!

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