Syrinx Needles Make Heroin Fun Again

July 22, 2010


If there's one thing I can't stand it's waiting in a grocery line behind a lady with two carts full of canned cat food. YOU SMELL LIKE SHIT, LADY. If there's another it's needles. I don't like them. You know how many times I've had to be smelling-salted off an examination room floor? Every single one. But now needles are fun, thanks to Syrinx!

'Syrinx' is a modern day syringe, designed by Jesper Nilsson, that will surely reduce the trauma of poking needles, if not eradicate it completely.

The fear reducing formula of the Syrinx lies in its Sphynx-shaped needle: cutely designed things that should distract the attention of your kid as the doctor takes a sample of his/her blood.

The needles come with an informative and colorful book that will gently educate the child about what's going to happen. While the child reads the book, the doctor prepares for the blood to be collected. After reading the book (3-4 pages), the child can choose the creature they would like to be injected with. When the needle is being inserted, the child should be more relaxed looking at the toy creature.

Yeah, no. I'm still gonna white out and take the whole roll of bed-paper down with me. No joke, I won't even do needles anymore. Last time I had to have blood drawn I convinced the doctor to beat me in the head with a foot stirrup and let me drip the blood into a bedpan. I tested positive for feces.

Hit the jump for two more pics, one of a kid playing with needles (who needs toys?!), and one of a Syrinx in action.



Syrinx: A Cute Blood Sample Syringe [walyou]

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