Surprise!: Non-Lethal Tactical Blinky Balls

July 8, 2010


When it comes to taking down perps, you don't always want to shoot them in the face and have their brains explode all over the wall. Wait -- you don't?! No, you don't. Sometimes you're gonna need to torture them first to gain vital information. Aaaaaah, right right right!

Tactical Balls - Rolling Illumination and Disorientation Device. [TACTBAL]

Designed for use by Law Enforcement agencies these tactical balls are switched on and rolled into an area to distract the culprit and give the police essential moments to move in and take whatever action they deem to be necessary.

Supplied in sets of 3 with a belt pouch to house them, the tactical balls will each run for up to 20 hours on 2 x CR2032 batteries (supplied), delivering an output of > 13,000 MCD.

I don't know how bright 13,000 MCD is, but I guess it's pretty bright. Still, what's wrong with just using fireworks? That was a trick question, there's absolutely nothing wrong with using fireworks. And that goes for replacing the candles on a birthday cake too. Now make a wish! I wish I could see again.

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Thanks to stubags, who distracts culprits with his actual balls. You can't help but look!

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