Success!: Anti-Aircraft Laser Pews Down Unmanned Drone At English Airshow

July 20, 2010


Raytheon provided a public showing of their Laser Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) at the recent Farnborough Airshow, demonstrating just how the blaster can be used to shoot robotic death-planes out of the sky by turning an unmanned drone into an unmanned drone crashing into the ocean. *sniff* Smell that? Smells like the dog farted under the bed and now the mattress is on fire victory.

Raytheon said the solid state fibre laser produces a 50 kilowatt beam and can be used against UAV, mortar, rockets and small surface ships.

"OK, so a UAV isn't armoured, nor is it flying fast, but as you can see from the video they shot it down in flames," he said.

"That's the very beginnings of what we can expect to see as firms miniaturise their technology and make them more effective."

"It functions as the last line of defence, so if you can fit a laser onto it, you have a longer reach and an unlimited magazine, cause it keeps on throwing out photons"

YES PLEASE! Do you think they make a shoulder-mounted version? Because that's what I want. You know, for when I'm givin' the penis a rest. What? He can't shoot down every plane! Kidding, yes he can too. Just sayin', I saw him beat Duck Hunt once without missing a bird. Plus made the dog explode.

Anti-aircraft laser unveiled at Farnborough Airshow [bbcnews] (with a really crappy video of the shoot-down)

Thanks to Jennaiii, Stephen, Nortilus, b00geyman, ScienceLost, Rev Dr Doom, Struvs and Piccalo, who tried selling the government a giant flyswatter to kill robotic drones but were arrested for stealing my idea.

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