BYU Students Build Motorized Couch, Campus Officials Insist It's Not What Jesus Would Do

July 27, 2010


Brigham Young University, best known for being 98% Mormon and having a mediocre basketball team -- shit, I forgot where I was going with this. Anyway, a couple BYU students decided it would be the wildest thing they've ever done if they made a motorized couch. And it was.

That's right. After two Brigham Young University students spent three months creating their automotive love seat, campus security nipped their hard work in the bud by placing a campus-wide ban on any type of couch transportation.

"Wherever we went, people would stop what they were doing and take pictures, gawk and start rolling on the ground like they were on fire."

"Everyone was just kinda going nuts," Homer tells Asylum. "We had a line of about 10 cars backed up on the street and the police were called because we were blocking traffic. The police showed up after a few minutes and basically congratulated us on being awesome."

Oh man, if I had a $1 million for every time the police showed up and congratulated me on being awesome and not urinating in public, I'd be a rich man broke as ever and still writing Geekologie.

Hit the jump for a short news report.

College Students Create Motorized Couch, Invention Banned Instantly [asylum]

Thanks to lip bomb, who may or may not be slang for a cold sore.

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