No Playing With Your Food!: Mario Chess Cake

July 8, 2010


DeviantARTist Anafuji went and made this Mario-themed chess cake for somebody's birthday. Or maybe a retirement party. Or just for fun. I don't actually know, but I felt guilty when I realized I might be lying to you. I want you to know I wouldn't do that because I really believe what we have is special. And not, "I saw GW eating paint chips" special either. Speaking of -- do you you live in an old house? Awesome, take this putty knife and bring back everything you can scrape off the window sills.

One more shot from above after the jump.


Anafuji's DeviantART
The Super Mario Bros. Chess Cake [walyou]

Thanks to katie, who beat Bobby Fischer and sent him into hiding in the first place. And to Tom, who punched him in the nose and challenged him to a game of Chinese checkers.

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