Sounds Legit To Me: Private Ninja Lessons

July 12, 2010


Need to brush up on your ninja-ing? Well fear not, because now you can take private ninja lessons (provided you live in New York or are willing to travel to New York or pay someone to kidnap the instructor). Are you writing this down, Ninja Boy?

Learn the secrets of ancient martial arts and the mysterious ninja warriors with one of New York' oldest Bujinkan schools, affiliated with Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan since the 1980's.

* Your instructor was awarded the title of Shidoshi, "teacher of the warrior ways" in 1991
* Learn the history and philosophy of this 900-year-old martial art
* Practice their self-defense, heightened awareness and combat strategy methods

Lessons start at $195 for 90 minutes of ninja-ing aren't guaranteed to protect you from a mugger and/or impaling yourself with a katana. Now -- not to brag or anything, but I learned everything I know about ninja-ing straight from the source. That's right, I'm talking about Master F***ing Splinter. And it didn't cost me $200 either -- just two boxes of Cheez-Its and a pair of April's panties.

Private Ninja Lessons [cloud9living]

Thanks to keith, who knows the first lesson in successful ninja-ing is wearing all black.

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