Somebody Does Have A Birthday Coming Up: Walking Dinosaur Pencil Sharpeners

July 29, 2010


Now I know what you're wondering, "Jesus, GW -- are you really posting this just so you don't have to bookmark the product page to find it again?" And yes, that is 110% why I'm posting this. That and I have a birthday coming up and I have yet to receive a single present. You better not disappoint me like you did last year aside, these are $8 wind-up walking dinos powered by sharpening your pencil. Technology -- it's come so far!

The Walking Dinosaur Pencil Sharpener is a classic wind-up toy that also sharpens your pencils.

As you sharpen, the twisting of your pencil winds up the dino for action. Pencil shavings are collected in the dino's head, which can easily be opened and emptied.

Available in Triceratops (or Tri-tops, as they're called in the 'biz') and Stegosaurus (no cutesy name assigned yet).

Oh man, I can think of a thing or two I'd like to put in those dinos. Know what I'm sayin'? I'm talking about pencils. And, okay, my pens. Haha -- don't even act like you didn't misread, pervert!

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video of the walking in action.



Vat19 Product Site

Thanks to Peter, who once tried sharpening a Twizzler.

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