So Freaking Cute: Pokémon Battles IRL

July 20, 2010


These are a couple of Pokémon battle scenes IRL as imagined by Flickr user alecks(zander)kwin. Oh -- and IRL stands for 'In Real Life' if today's your first day on the internet or you're a parent reading this over your child's shoulder. Which -- they're already having sex! THEY WON'T ADMIT IT BUT THEY ARE! Me just getting you "the talk" aside, you really should be wrapping it up and playing safe if you're sexually active. And I'm not just saying that because there are STD's out there that'll turn your penis into a vagina, but it looks like you've already got it so nevermind. Hoho -- BURN, SHRINKYDINK!

alecks(zander)kwin's Flickr (with two more, less cool ones)
Holy shi-: Real World Pokémon Battle [albotas]

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