Sexy Time!: Stripper Poles For The Elderly

July 19, 2010


Is there anything sexier than a grandma strip-dancin'? Yes, every single thing in the world including being compacted to death in the back of a garbage truck. But for the six of you out there that are into crimes against nature, there's the $115 Cushion-Grip Security Pole Mobility Aid. How about a review?

The user needs this device to assist in getting in and out of bed safely. It has a nice cushion grip, is attractive, and easy to install. It is not as sturdy as I would have hoped it would be. It wiggles a bit in the middle and that makes me a bit nervous.

But I like a little wiggle in the middle! No, no I don't either. I like zero wiggles. Still, you've got to admit the thought of a grandma seductively gyrating her sloopy ass off the shitter does get you hot and bothered. No? Just cold and throwy uppy? Oh.

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Thanks to Eric-tile, who may or may not volunteer at a nursing home.

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