Sexy: Neanderthals Had Popeye-Like Arms

July 7, 2010


According to a recent report, Neanderthals had giant, Popeye-like right arms, possibly due in part to an all-meat diet. I call the heart!

Remains of an early Neanderthal with a super strong arm suggest that Neanderthal fellows were heavily pumped up on male hormones, possessing a hormonal status unlike anything that exists in humans today

This condition might have evolved as a result of inherited genes, life in an often cold, northern climate, and an almost all-meat diet.

Mednikova and her colleagues explained that edible plants in colder regions were few and far between, and the vegetation period was short. With little fruit and vegetables, the Neanderthals became "specialized hunters who hunted terrestrial herbivores," such as mammoths and forest deer. Their diet then consisted "nearly exclusively of proteins and lipids," which must have affected their hormones and bones.

Interesting theory, "scientists", but I happen to believe there's a much simpler explanation for Ug's giant arm: constantly pleasuring himself to dinos. And can you blame him? No. But I can still be jealous.

Neanderthal Males Had Popeye-Like Arms [discover]

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